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Certification Board

Martin Landau-North, PhD, PsyD, CAS – Chief Examiner of the Board
Director - American Academy, Educational Evaluation/Analyst

Private Practice/Faculty Lecturer
Alliant International University
San Diego, CA

Alicen McGowan, PhD, CAS – Vice Chair
Adcare Hospital of Worchester, Inc
Director, Outpatient Services
N Dartmouth, MA

Brenda Schaeffer, MDiv, LP, CAS
Healthy Relationships
Minneapolis, MN

Rebecca Mair, PhD, CAS
Private Practice
Grosse Pointe, MI

Dessa Bergen-Cico, PhD, CHES, ADA, CAS
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY

Michael Fordham, PhD, CAS
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Sarah Bond, MS, CAS
Private Practice
Solana Beach, CA

Lisa Harrison-Gulla, MA, CAS - non-voting
Edison Municipal Alliance
Edison, NJ

Elizabeth Niemi, CGSED - public member
Duluth, MN